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Hair Drying Towel Micro Fibre Wrap Ultra Absorbent Fast Drying Quick Turban for Wet Hair (Pack of 1)

  • Fast drying and no dripping
  • Cuts down on drying time
  • Less blow drying means healthier hair
  • Ultra lightweight design won’t strain your neck
  • Elastic loop keeps it secure – won’t fall off
  • Saves on laundry
  • Great for the beach or the pool

Portable Desktop Rechargeable USB Mini Fan – Small, Adjustable, Lightweight, 2 Speed

  • 🧊[Stronger and Durable Brushless Motor] Portable Desktop Rechargeable USB Mini Fan features a built-in copper brushless motor that provides a powerful and stable airflow. This ensures that you can quickly cool down in hot weather, and the motor is durable, providing long-lasting performance.
  • 🧊[2 Speed Mode] It comes with 2 adjustable wind speeds, so you can choose the perfect level of airflow to suit your needs. To change the speed setting, simply press the power button
  • 🧊[Rechargeable Battery] The personal fan is powered by an upgraded rechargeable battery that keeps it well charged and has a longer battery life. It comes with a charging cable, and you can charge it from a regular outlet, computer, or any other device via a USB port.
  • 🧊[Hand Fan and Desktop Fan] Portable Desktop Rechargeable USB Mini Fan can be used as both a handheld fan and a desktop fan. When connected to a power source, it can work stably and continuously as a handheld fan. 
  • 🧊[Colorful Sleek Design] The overall design of the Portable Desktop Rechargeable USB Mini Fan is sleek and stylish, with graceful curves and high-quality texture that make it look valuable. 

Solid Colourful Washer Ball Reusable Anti Winding Laundry Balls Tangle-free, Clothes Softener, Dirt Remover For Washing Machine (Multi Color, Small – Pack of 10)


1. High Quality Environmental PVC Material ,Durable And Reusable. ‘

2. Usefully Protect Clothes From Being Twisted or Tangled Together.

3. It can also use its own friction to increase the impact, making the laundry cleaner.

4. The soft material does not hurt the clothes, let alone the washing machine.

5. Does not fade and can be washed together with white clothes.

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